Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jazz - #41: the functional wall hanging

I have wanted to make something functional like this for a while and it involved a lot of small steps for it all to come together - and I love the results!

I started with a thrift store 24" x 8" shelf and some additional elements I knew I wanted to incorporate - smaller rectangle of craft wood, a ring clamp, an old thrift store door lock with knob, and a mason jar.

Another round of oxidation was called for and I threw in all of the ring clamps I had on hand as well as another batch of washers which I use for jewelry and other projects.

While those were cooking, I made up a wash for the smaller craft wood and the mason jar. I am becoming somewhat obsessed with washes - just acrylic paint with added water - because I love how they bring out the grain and texture of the wood or glass without completely saturating with paint.  And there are all sorts of ways to vary this effect.  I will be using washes in a lot of upcoming pieces. 

Then it was time to paint the jar and the smaller piece of wood and decoupage some stock paper onto the main shelf and then the small wood once the paint was dry.  After that, it was just a matter of assembling everything.  Results:

I had this in mind for a bathroom where the the knob can be used as a towel holder and the jar could hold toothbrushes or flowers or whatever.  But it would be perfectly fine elsewhere.

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