Thursday, July 3, 2014

Latch - #42-43: the cork necklaces

I have been working on a number of pieces recently which have required down time for drying, etc.  During those in-between times, I started just messing around with some jewelry elements and recycled wine bottle corks.  Because it was spontaneous work I don't have the usual round of mock up pictures or story line.  So this is a much more simple post in that all I really have are the results pictures.

There were a bunch of newly oxidized washers on hand which I had in mind to use as a top and bottom frame for a cork necklace.  I wanted to layer them by size and use an eye screw on top for the chain and a regular black screw on the bottom.

And I have no explanations for this one except that lint catchers make good barbie hats and that her head is over a large eye screw.

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