Friday, July 25, 2014

Mod - #74-78: the Beatles set

It was suggested to me that I should consider making some Beatles themed pieces in honor of this being their 50th anniversary year.  So I shopped around town one afternoon and found a decent book of old Beatles photographs as a source book and also a few cute British-themed charms.

I have really been wanting to try out inserting things into bezels and then filling them with hardening resin. There are really convenient and cheap ways to do the resin now and I was able to find something like that in the Susan Lenart Kazmer (I am a fan) line of products called ice resin. I decided to do a Beatles-themed bezel charm bracelet this way.

It really couldn't have been easier. The resin and hardener are pushed out in equal amounts and must be stirred and rest for a few minutes and then dripped into the bezels containing the paper.  It hardens completely over a few days.  The bezels and other charms were then added to chain with the addition of a toggle closure.


Next up were two bracelets that were bought already made but then modified with decoupaged pictures of beetles and the Beatles, one with color and the other black and white.



Finally, there were two sets of earrings done which included charms from a British-themed collection.


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