Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lóbrega - #44: the torso box

This was a dark, mixed media piece which I enjoyed putting together.  The box was a thrift store find made of cheap rough wood which I wanted to transform into a display of a figure and a feeling.

The box in the beginning...

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am incorporating paint washes where I can because I love the effect they bring to the wood.  For this wash, I decided to mix paint that was black, white, and dark purple, plus the water.

The technique and color choices had better results than I had hoped, though the camera doesn't do the color justice.  I think it takes seeing it in person to truly appreciate things like the subtle purple tint and the grain highlight. 

Once that was completed, I began to work on the inside.  First, the inner sides and bottom were decoupaged with stock paper and a small glass charm was hung with a tack onto one of the side walls.

I then went about preparing the paper mache torso which would be the centerpiece of the box by adding stamps and metal pieces.

It was then time to put it all together and finish with the final touches on the lid.  For the front of the lid, I decoupaged a print of Francisco Goya's, The sleep of reason brings forth monsters, as well as secured a beautiful black and white owl knob that was a great find at a local store.  The inside of the lid was color blocked with black and white paint, onto which I then decoupaged a print of José Posada's, La Catrina.  Finally, I glued the lid into a position that would have the box remain open.


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