Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cohesive - #81-83: the bezels and resin

I am becoming somewhat obsessed with resins and bezels.  I want to pour the stuff on everything and have it harden into an unexpected adornment. For this round, I decided to make two necklaces and a pair of earrings and again used ice resin by SLK.  The earrings were filled with crushed shells while the necklaces were filled with paper, origami for the smaller one and stock paper for the large one, as well as charms and beads.

Creating a doming effect with the resin is a multi-step process.  There must first be the initial application of resin which will need to harden thoroughly if not completely.  Once the first layer has solidified, another layer of resin is added VERY slowly and drop by drop.  I made the mistake of adding too quickly and had an awful resin mess with these pieces before I was able to recover and successfully get the dome shape.  Here are the pendants and earrings hardening after the second application.

I combined and added more embellishments than I feel I normally do, particularly for the necklaces.  I have a lot of beads and I want to start using more of them on strands with various methods.  With the larger necklace (which I had a hard time convincing myself to put up for sale), the beads are stacked on a black leather thong with thin bead separators and some ribbon lace and metal charms were used to embellish.

For the smaller necklace, I revisited head pins to make each bead its own loops.  I had forgotten how much I like head pins.  Purple o-rings added nice bits of contrasting color to the chain and beads.

The earrings were embellished with a bit of white cord and blue o-rings.

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