Sunday, July 13, 2014

Primeval - #63: the Correggio cell

I have a large book of Italian works and chose one of the cells from the ceiling painting that Antonio Allegri (Correggio) did for abbess Giovanna Piacenza to use as a decoupaged wall hang.

The piece started with some craft wood, turquoise and brown paint, and a weather crackle medium.  I was practicing with the medium in order to help achieve a weathered and aged look to the wood.  A base of turquoise was dried before adding a layer of crackle and then a wash of brown while the crackle was still tacky.  I also did the brown wash a little differently by doing the actual wash of the color with the water while it was on the wood instead of first mixing it in a cup.  The results held better and had a more dramatic appeal with that method.

Once all that was dry, I then applied the picture.

The piece still needed to have a more weathered and old look to it, so I worked on it with sandpaper and creme wax for a bit.  I used a quick sanding technique but with a good amount of pressure for the edges. The print was more lightly scratched and scuffed and the white creases throughout the print happened when the bumps that were formed from the glue underneath the picture got sanded.

The final step was to add some gold leafing.  This was also a first for me and gold leafing pretty much sucks to deal with but gives some great effects.


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