Friday, July 11, 2014

Rouse - #57-60: the metal and bones

Recently, I completed three new pairs of earrings and a necklace.  The necklace matches one set of the earrings in that they both include bone while the other two pairs of earrings have similar metallic bases.

The metal base earrings consisted of 2 elephants and 2 owls, both of which had a blank round space which I was eager to glue something into.

I chose a deep red striped background paper to use on both and decided on a steampunk-ish design theme, which seemed natural considering the metal. Once the paper was in place, I would glue on a gear object and a key to each owl and also fill each elephant space with colorful glass beads and rocks.


For the bone set, I had picked up two matching bone pendant / beads for earrings which just needed to have o-rings and clasps attached.  Easy peasy.  The necklace was a lot more involved and for it I combined: a length of copper chain, strands I made of pearl beads and a wooden bead, and a pendant which I had previously pried off of the necklace in #14.  To the pendant I added another pearl and wooden bead, as well as a bit of deer bone which I wrapped in wire for attaching.


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