Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chops - #62: the walrus jaw bone

A very different piece of decor that first started out as a walrus jaw bone.

It was a turquoise-and-brown kind of day, so the things I was working on got the same treatments and this meant a little bit of experimenting.  First, I painted the jaw bone turquoise and then applied a weathering crackle medium once the paint was dry.  The crackle was meant for surfaces like wood, but I wanted to see what effect it would have on bone.  A brown wash was applied while the crackle medium was still tacky.

Once dried, it was time for decoupage.  I knew I wanted to go with Brom but didn't know what image until after the paint job.  I settled on Shade of Blue.


It was looking good but still felt like it was missing a thing or two.  While trying to decide what final things I would add, I was was drawn to the jewels on the figures hand and dress and realized I should use some stick on gems in place of them and also as an outline along the side of the bone.


The final step was just to add the hanging wire which I did by drilling a hole through one of the back bone chunks and wrapping the looped wire.


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