Saturday, July 5, 2014

Coarse - #47-49: the bone garden necklaces

All three of these necklaces include some bit of an animal.  I am currently finding inspiration from the idea of mixing bones with other material, such as metal or wood.

The first two necklaces are similar and both consist of a piece of an Alaskan caribou antler which has been brushed with a sealer, wrapped in wire and then attached to an imitation suede thong, which has a toggle closure.

The third necklace was exciting for me to make and I am calling it the "butterfly, birch, bead and bone" necklace.  All I knew was that I wanted to have mismatched natural elements mixed with things like beads and metal.
The bone piece is an Alaskan muskrat jawbone and the circle of birch is real.  I also strung a few beads together, glued a butterfly in place, and attached a beautiful floral toggle closure (thanks Molly!).

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