Sunday, July 13, 2014

Trickle - #61: the moose antler bit necklace

This is a small bit of moose antler I picked up and wanted to turn into a pendant necklace in a different style than #47 and #48.  The first thing I did was apply a tinted sealer, which I have never used before.

The results of the aqua tint on the bone color was pretty cool and I can see working on pieces with a variety of sealer tints in the future.

Because I was concurrently working on a few pieces using some manner of the turquoise and brown color combination, I decided to add brown stripes and a thin wash of turquoise.

And this time, instead of wrapping the antler in wire, I drilled a hole through it for the wire and then added a bone feather, tan leather thong, and toggle closure.


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