Monday, June 30, 2014

Banter - #40: the Christopher Moore book earrings

I completed 9 sets of earrings today and usually I would give each a number for the blog. But in this case, I am going to lump all 18 singular earrings into one lump number. The reason for this is due to the lack of difference that I think would merit its own number. This was the one project where I felt like I was on a production assembly line when it came to making each earring.  18 is a lot of earrings to make and doing the same repetitive steps soon started to seem less like I was making something creatively and more like I was mass producing some shiz.

That said, I think these earrings are all cute as hell and I would totally buy a pair if I saw them elsewhere.

The inside of the very back page of most Christopher Moore paperback books features miniature pictures of his other book covers and a note that you should go read those as well (you should).  There are usually six per back cover and for these earrings, I took the back covers off of three books and ended up with 18 miniature book pictures to turn into earring sets.

Once I had those, I measured, cut, and prepared to bake 18 black polymer clay rectangles.  Cooking the books, you might say (ha).

And when they were all cooled and decoupaged with the pictures and the mock up was done, here were the results:

And all will soon be dumped into the store.

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