Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Prop - #15: the ironing board

There are a lot of uses for a table like this, some functional and others decorative. It seemed like a nice piece to work on when I saw it in a thrift store, though it did have an odd two-tone appearance which is due to it being built with different types of wood. The shelves had a rough and more open grain while the side boards seemed to be generic pressed wood.

The first thing I did was sand off any residual sealer and tried to open up the wood. Afterward, I wanted to try the "pickling" technique but not with a basic white wash. So I mixed together some white, blue, and red acrylic paint and then diluted about 60% with water to try and achieve a light violet wash for an aged appearance.


Once dried, I matte modpodged two prints by expat French artist, John James Audubon, famous for birds.

There are a few things I would do differently were I to do this again. Namely, sand more, potentially go with a white wash instead of a violet wash, and reconsider the print placements. But it was a learning experience and a fun paint job, if nothing else.

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