Saturday, June 7, 2014

Belfry - #16: the skull-drop earrings

Probably my most original work to-date due to using almost all new materials for the design.

My first step was to strip down this horrendously ugly pair of earrings, which I already owned, to get rid of the clusterfuck of O-rings and the weird fishhook clasps.

What remained was a simple gold metal circle and my new stash of supplies from the craft store.  I set about putting together a mock-up of what I would make and I had a metallic theme in mind.

For each earring, I secured two crimp beads and a skull bead on a head pin before closing the wire around the original circular earring. I then connected three O-rings in a pattern of silver, purple, black, and ended with a new silver fishhook clasp.

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