Thursday, June 19, 2014

Praxis - #26-28: the gifts

These three pieces were all made explicitly as gifts for others.

- the WW decoupage: 

Medium-sized craft store wood used for application of checkered background stock paper and a decoupaged Wonder Woman scene taken from a sci-fi / fantasy art book. Installed small, reclaimed curtain rod hardware on the front and reclaimed metal brackets on the back, which I then used for attaching a strand of wire for hanging. Black acrylic paint on the back and red acrylic on the sides with a shiny sealer over all. 

- the bead frame earrings:

A simple design of a silver bead frame used around a silver swirl patterned bead which was accented by black beads above and below the frame, installed with a black eye pin and finished with silver fish hook clasps.

- the WY box: 

This was a medium-sized wooden gift box thrown together with paint and decoupaged pictures from a guide book. It was filled with items of meaning to the receiver. 

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