Sunday, June 29, 2014

Untamed - #39: the Wild Bunch necklace

I have a number of books that I like to use for found clip art. In one of my books was a group shot of the Wild Bunch, also referred to as the Hole in the Wall Gang, named from the Hole in the Wall Pass in Johnson County, Wyoming, where gangs liked to hideout. This picture captivated me and I knew that I would have to incorporate it into something.  So I cut off all their heads.

Originally, it had been for the purpose of a charm bracelet.

As intended, I did first attach various stock paper to some small metal pendants which I had recently oxidized for an aged appearance. Before attaching the paper, I used thread to sew a border around the circle. The process of doing so helped the paper achieve a more worn look and feel, which I wanted.

But it was when the freshly sealed pendants were hanging to dry that I realized it would have to become a necklace, not a bracelet. So I made a new mock up which incorporated beads, head pins, fish hook clasps, purple O-rings, and a toggle clasp on a circular gun metal chain. 


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