Monday, September 22, 2014

Multipass - #121-126: the eclectic bunch

The makings for these pieces basically came down to spreading out materials that I had been wanting to use and seeing what came together.  A variety of objects are used and that is how I prefer it.

First up is a necklace with bone and wood beads on the leather strand and faux bone pieces for the pendant.  The earrings are also bone and placed on fish hook clasps.

Next is another revision of one of my favorite necklace designs using a wire wrapped cork capped with rusty washers which were rusted by me using white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.  
(Also see: #42 and #46)  For this necklace, red ribbon was used to frame the cork pendant and the strand is a combination of plastic pearls and copper colored chain.

I wanted to make something besides just necklaces with my spread of materials, so I constructed a bracelet from a strip of craft store leather which had already been colored and texturized.  The clasp is made using an overalls clasp and some found clip art has been decoupaged.  The earrings were made from extra cutoffs of the main cuff and accented with overall clip buttons.

This last necklace is one I am fond of because it brings together such a variety of materials, is fun to talk about, and is an eye-catching statement necklace.  Here I started with a new and unused flap that is manufactured for toilet tanks and I painted it with a mixture of red, brown, and black acrylic paint.
I then glued in place a piece of moose antler, a vertebrae bone, and some vintage metal findings. Attached to the flap is also a strand of circular beads and a metal necklace chain.  I just really enjoy how this piece turned out.

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