Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lament - #107-108: the dollface skeleton necklaces

I have really missed posting here the last few weeks and used to be excited to write up new projects as they were finished. But then the projects started to snowball a bit as the Artist Palooza (my first live jewelry showing) date got closer and I couldn't keep up with writing the details of everything I made.

So the show was four days ago and the time between my last post and the show was spent on making quite a few new jewelry and craft items, but I decided that I didn't want to do a retrospective post and am just going to move forward with all the new projects.

But here is what my booth at the Artist Palooza looked like...

And I have also now updated my Etsy store as well as established my space at Homecrafters Emporium in Anchorage (9900 Old Seward, on the back wall)...


I originally wanted to do these necklaces with some kind of whole animal skull but couldn't find any small enough to suit the pieces, so I went with some of my previously decapitated thrift store barbies as a source of heads for the seasonal skeletons.  And the season is definitely a motivating factor for these and likely for the bulk of the pieces I'll produce for the next two months.  This is my favorite time of year and I always stock up on certain things that can only be found in stores during Halloween season.

I consider these fun statement necklaces that may appeal to those with a dark sense of humor. Ahem.

Aside from the skeleton bodies and barbie heads, the cow skull pendants and the skull beads in their hands are made from actual bone. The knife and key are jewelry charms and the shoes are barbie accessories. The smaller chains are for standard jewelry and the main neck chain is industrial decorative chain I have repurposed for jewelry. The skeleton chests have also been stuffed with red ribbon.

Feels nice to be back.

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