Monday, September 22, 2014

Infer - #127-130: the book necklace and bezel earrings

To-date, these may be my favorite pieces.  I feel like that really sums it up and there is a possibility that they may never see the shelves at Homecrafters Emporium or a trade show table at Dena'ina or an Etsy listing.

Very importantly, I have discovered the wonders of alcohol ink and intend to always have it in hand when working with metal pieces from now on.  The quick and easy transformation from bland craft store metal to badass multidimensional jewelry is almost instantaneous and there is so much room for design freedom.  I absolutely am in love with the stuff and pictures do not do the results justice.

So I had the bezels figured out for paper and resin earrings but I also wanted to try another new technique and make myself some book paper beads, as I read about in my absolute favorite jewelry book, Wild Jewelry.

I picked Stranger in a Strange Land because it was an old favorite and I didn't mind taking out a few pages for the cause.

Getting them all rolled and formed was a process but so worth it for the results, which I LOVE.  I am going to be rolling up everything into beads now.  I framed these with metal filigree cones and finished with a double ringed chain and matching set of earrings.

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