Monday, August 11, 2014

Passage - #101-103: the purple and turquoise set

For this set, I repeated the process I first used in the turquoise and brown set and created a mixture of polymer clay from five different colors by running it through the clay pasta machine.  The resulting mixture was then used to make selections to be pressed into various metal pieces for jewelry while the scrap was rolled into balls and pierced for beads.

Using the clay, I made a matching cuff bracelet and set of earrings.  The bracelet was a metal key I attached to a cuff and then wound with ribbon.  For the earrings, I sewed together a strand of ribbon and used that for attaching fish hook clasps.

The larger key pendant was wrapped in the same ribbon as the earrings and then attached to a strand of purple ribbon to which I also attached a strand of various beads using purple safety pins.  The beads included two I handmade from this set.

Final results...

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