Friday, August 1, 2014

Firebrand - #84-96: the steampunk dump

I am very excited to have been invited to sell my work at an event hosted by Alaska Premier Closets during their First Friday event in September (see: FIRST FRIDAY NOTICE).

The topic of steampunk jewelry was briefly mentioned and I gathered that it would be good to have a selection of items that fall into that category.  I have a limited amount of time to increase my stock of jewelry so I will be trying to produce more, as I can.  If this event goes well, it is more likely that I will branch out into other upcoming art and craft fairs.

So that said, here are 9 new pairs of earrings, 2 new rings, 1 new brooch, and 1 new necklace, all with what I would consider to be elements of steampunk style.

glued together gear bits, bird, and key with white lace ribbon and fish hook clasps

glued together propeller and gear charms with butterfly charm attached with chains

mirror charms glued to post studs plus attached long bead

three gear bits and zipper head glued together plus attached chain

belt buckle charms attached to metal roses plus red ribbon

green beads attached to filigree metal cone

metal charm glued to keyhole charm and gear bits

bead springs glued to zipper heads, glued to post, with attached bone feather charms

round clock charms with attached chains

large pewter metallic flower charm glued to metal ring band

medium copper metallic flower charm glued to metal ring band

large butterfly charm and small owl charm glued to thick gear bit with brooch pin attached

shabby chic charm necklace on red ribbon

Most everything I post here will still be up for sale at my Etsy shop, at least until the event on 09/05/14.  At that time, I will deactivate the listings for the items I intend to bring with me and will repost what has not been sold.

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