Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Adorn - #4-5: the beetle & monster earrings

My first foray into jewelry.  Which isn't necessarily the truth because I did at one time own an "easy bake jewelry oven" or whatever they were called.  And I'm pretty sure I remember my playdough barrettes and plastic rings being awesome...

The goal is to refurbish my shit.  I have a lot of crap jewelry that I never wear and my modification inspiration for the current crap pieces is to turn them into something that would theoretically catch my eye were I to see it hanging in a store, etc.  I want to make them into something I would buy, which usually translates to the presence of some counterculture influence. 

For the first pair, I pried off the embellishments and modpodged on a backing of a beetle pic and green origami paper. 

The second pair started with what I considered one of my ugliest pair of earrings and right away the beads had to go.  I then took apart 2 monster themed safety pin badge / buttons I had on hand from Mr O's Halloween costume last year and I think the black and white really made the background color pop.

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